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Welcome to Empower Me! Helping adults and children to supercharge their confidence, self-belief and resilience in 5 simple steps

Do you feel overwhelmed by self-doubt or plagued by Imposter Syndrome, questioning every single move you make at home or work? Are you tired of the negative self-chatter, constantly telling you ‘I am not good enough’?

If this is you, welcome!
‘Empower Me’ is the SOS handbook you have been searching for. Discover how to boost your mind and mindset in 5 simple steps to reboot your mind, supercharge your confidence, self-belief and resilience, knowing unequivocally that you are ‘good enough’. It is the ultimate shortcut to feeling great in as little as 15 minutes a day!

And if you are a parent, teach your child how to do this for themselves too, so they can avoid experiencing this pain as adults.

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Helping adults and children to boost their mood and mindset

  • Flow diagram of the five-step Empower Me Framework by Midula Dey in eBooks

    The Five-Step Empower Me Framework

    Is built on a simple, repeatable, tangible framework and comes in three parts:

    1) The theory

    2) The application

    3) The exercise bank

  • Four positive belief topics loving myself, value and gifts, imagination, managing worries Midula Dey Empower Me ebooks

    Four Belief-Setting Topics

    Based on promoting self-worth, acknowledging skills and qualities, pursuing dreams and passions and managing worries. Simple and adaptable to the individual.

  • Positive outcomes of believing and valuing yourself from Empower Me eBooks Midula Dey

    What Results Can You Expect?

    Small daily and consistent improvements to supercharge confidence, self-belief and resilience. Instead of seeking validation from others, build this resource for yourself.

Image of two realities we experience when we experience imposter syndrome

Hi, my name is Midula

On the outside, I projected an image of a 'happy-go-lucky' extrovert with no worries in the world. Everyone thought I was 'uber' confident and had my life sorted. But I wasn’t. I was simply good at wearing a mask, smiling and appearing outwardly
'upbeat'. I never shared what was going on in my mind, with myself or others.

Confused person by Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks

In reality

I never felt good enough; I was always chasing something to make me feel worthy and prove to myself that I was deserving of my life. I was constantly overwhelmed and too embarrassed to let anyone know what was going on in my head. I believed it was my fault, that there was something wrong with me, and I didn’t want to let anyone down.

Beliefs can either be positive or negative by Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks

I grew up with negative beliefs

It was during Covid, when I explored my relationship with money that I understood why.
My low self-esteem and feelings of 'I am not good enough' were rooted in my beliefs, specifically those I'd picked up from Mum and Dad.
Little did they or I realise was that their fears and beliefs were negative, and I had taken them on as my own.

What negative limiting beliefs look like, imposter syndrome Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks

As children I discovered

We form our self-beliefs, our sense of 'self-worth' from the people we spend the most time with, from what we hear them say and do. In my case, it was Mum and Dad. For most of us, we carry these beliefs into our adult life. So, as I moved from my teens into my twenties, thirties and forties, I carried this negative self-perception that I wasn't good enough with me.

Person sitting at peace with a positive mindset by Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks

Empower Me was born

I delved into neuroscience, exploring the relationship between our physiology and mind and
researched habit setting. Through this process, and through experimentation, I uncovered a simple yet effective framework for resetting and rebooting my mind, mood and mindset. Along the way, I also identified what ‘Imposter Syndrome’ truly was. This is how the ‘Empower Me’ Framework was born.

Now, my purpose, my mission, is to share this knowledge with others, so that you too can reboot your mindset and know that you are good enough - You always have been.

Here's a peek of what's inside the Handbooks:

The ultimate shortcut to feeling great!