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Are you tired of the negative self-chatter of your ‘I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ imposter syndrome? Are you tired of wearing a mask?

Or are you looking to build healthy habits that boost your confidence, self-esteem and resilience, habits that you can easily build in as little as 15-minutes a day?

Or if you are a parent, do you want to teach your child how to do this?

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Welcome to Empower Me! Helping adults and children to raise their self-esteem, build confidence and foster a positive mindset in five easy steps

Image of two realities we experience when we experience imposter syndrome

This used to be my reality

Hi my name's Midula and this used to be me.

On the left is how people saw me – Midula, the ‘happy-go-lucky’ extrovert with no worries in the world. Bags of confidence, high self-esteem with a positive outlook.

I wasn’t. I was simply good at wearing a mask and having great hair.

My reality was the person on the right. I never felt I was good enough, and I was always fighting that feeling. Do you know what I mean?

Confused person by Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks

Why me?

I never understood why I felt this way. I did everything that I was supposed to. I studied and worked hard, I was a straight-A student, and I went to law school. After law school, I studied accountancy, and I got a well-paid job in Finance. When I wanted more creativity in my life, I took up art as a side-hustle.

YET I was always chasing that elusive ‘something’ to make me truly believe that I, Midula, was ‘good enough.' It didn't seem like too much to ask...

Beliefs can either be positive or negative by Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks


It was when I explored my relationship with money that I understood why.
My low self-esteem and feelings of 'I am not good enough' were rooted in my beliefs, specifically those I'd inherited from Mum and Dad.
Little did they or I realise the beliefs they had about money and how they viewed themselves were negative, and these beliefs had been passed down to me.

What negative limiting beliefs look like, imposter syndrome Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks

My frenemies

I discovered that as children, we form our beliefs from the people we spend the most time with, in my case, Mum and Dad. For most of us, we take these beliefs into our adult life.
So, as I moved from my teens into my twenties, thirties and forties, I carried the 'I am not good enough' belief with me aka my 'frenemies'.

Person sitting at peace with a positive mindset by Midula Dey Empower Me eBooks

Empower Me

Once I realised my negative beliefs, were the source of my 'I am not good enough' mindset, I acted.

I researched and experimented. I discovered that by focusing on taking simple, daily, repeatable actions, I shifted my beliefs and moved into a positive mindset.

The 'Empower Me' Framework was born. Five simple steps to helping adults and children to unlock their potential and thrive!

  • Flow diagram of the five-step Empower Me Framework by Midula Dey in eBooks

    The Five-Step Empower Me Framework

    Comes in three parts:

    Part 1: Why the Framework is effective.

    Part 2: How to successfully implement it.

    Part 3: Belief writing exercises.

  • Four positive belief topics loving myself, value and gifts, imagination, managing worries Midula Dey Empower Me ebooks

    Four Belief-Setting Topics

    Focused on boosting self-esteem, confidence, resilience and cultivating a positive, growth mindset.

  • Positive outcomes of believing and valuing yourself from Empower Me eBooks Midula Dey

    What Results Can You Expect?

    You will learn how to unlock your potential and thrive by recognising your self-worth, believing in your abilities, pursuing your dreams and passions and manage worries.
    If you are a parent teaching your child, you will help them to do this.

Here's a peek of what's inside the eBooks

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Helping adults and children to unlock their potential and thrive

Empowering Minds, Inspiring Hearts