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Master Your Self-Doubt.

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Warning: This Is Powerful

Insecure, Frustrated, Anxious, Sick, Ashamed

Fear of being judged, fear of being excluded, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough - what if I screw this up? This is what was going through my mind.

My name is Midula, and self-doubt has killed me. No one saw my toxic relationship with self-doubt.
What did they see? They saw the mask and fake smile of the confident, happy Midula, the extrovert who had her SH*T together.

Never Feeling Good Enough

I did what they told me to do at school for a successful and happy life. I aced my exams, got into a top university, got a well-paid job in banking, had a great social life, had hobbies and a great life. I was a good person, but I never felt good enough. I never believed that I deserved any of it.
I was too ashamed to tell anyone.

Why? Because I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought there was something wrong with my wiring.

COVID - What's Wrong With Me?

When COVID hit, I had too much time on my hands. I was alone, made the mistake of taking a career break and had too much chatter in my head. I was lonely, desperate to the point my mind was playing tricks on me. I needed to know what was wrong with me.

The geeky problem solver from work appeared, so I read, I studied, joined groups. I questioned everything and overshared because I was desperate to fix myself.
And do you know what happened?

We Face Three Types of Self-Doubt!

There wasn't anything wrong with me. I was normal. I was reacting to self-doubt as any human would, but the secret is that we have different types of self-doubt. When we become aware of this, that's when we can do something about it. I came up with this model.

1) Negative self-beliefs: The beliefs we have of ourself is negative. Not everyone will suffer from this.

2) Imposter Syndrome: When you don't yet have the skills or expertise to be an expert, but people come to you expecting to be. You should experience this during your life.

3) Self-doubt of life: The self-doubt caused by life throwing you curve balls. You will experience this during your life.

Empower Me Your SOS Toolkit!

Empower Me is your number SOS toolkit to help you kill, master and control your toxic self-doubt.
Learn to become a self-doubt ninja by mastering the five simple Empower Me steps. Five simple steps that work to help you master your self-doubt and put your ugly, toxic demons to bed.

Who is it for? Adults and Parents who want to teach their children how to master and control self-doubt. Don’t let the self-doubt from Imposter Syndrome, your negative self-beliefs or life’s curve balls control you. Stop the cycle of anxiety, overwhelm, fear and self-questioning and own your life!
Don’t delay. Buy Empower Me Now and become a self-doubt ninja.

Helping Adults And Children To Kill Their Self-Doubt

  • Flow diagram of the five-step Empower Me Framework by Midula Dey in eBooks

    Five Easy Steps

    Simple, easy and low time commitment designed to build this into your daily routine (and your child's).
    Jam packed with practical advice and hacks to help you succeed and become a self-doubt ninja.

    With over 80 plus pages inside, this is not your typical book!

  • Positive outcomes of believing and valuing yourself from Empower Me eBooks Midula Dey

    A Holistic Approach To Deliver Results

    If you want to tackle your self-doubt, you need to take a holistic approach.

    This is why we focus on four key areas:

    your self-worth, valuing your skills and qualities, your dreams and passions and managing your worries. That's how you kill and master your self-doubt and build the ninja skills you need to succeed!

  • Only 15 minutes a day!

    Requires only small daily action.

    The emphasis is taking small daily action and not trying to do too much in a short space of time. If you try and do too much in a short period of time, you'll fail or if you manage it, the change won't last.
    This is how you build consistency and become a self-doubt ninja!

Here's A Peek Of What's Inside The Handbooks:

    The Ultimate Shortcut To Kill Self-Doubt And Feeling Great!