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Empower Me

Empower Me! Save Money: Parents' and Adults' Handbooks & Video Vault

Empower Me! Save Money: Parents' and Adults' Handbooks & Video Vault

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 **Save Money: Empower Me Handbooks for Adults and Parents!**

Buy this package and save more than 10%, you can empower yourself, your family and loved ones towards a brighter, more resilient future. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in personal growth and family harmony.

Includes eBook and video vault.


Two eBooks: Adults Handbook 82 pages, Parents Guide 88 pages. Each eBook comes with printable belief-writing worksheets and hand-drawn illustrations for an engaging experience.

The Empower Me Handbooks consists of three parts:

  • Part 1: Covers the framework’s concepts.
  • Part 2: Focuses on practical strategies to implement the five-step framework in the ‘real world,’ with detailed instructions and estimated completion times.
  • Part 3: Involves taking action and includes belief-writing topics and worksheets, with four belief-setting topics, each containing four adaptable beliefs to boost self-esteem, confidence, resilience and foster a growth mindset.
How to Begin:
  • For those ready to dive in, start with the ‘Framework and Quick Starter Guide,’ then move to Part 2 and revisit the details later. Once you have the basics, proceed to Part 3.
  • For a more comprehensive understanding, start from the beginning and schedule a date to begin taking action.
  • For Parent's guiding their children, the recommendation is to read the Guide chronologically. This will ensure you have all the information and strategies in advance, making it easier to manage your child’s expectations.
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